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  • The Raintap transforms a simple barrel into a multifunctional outdoor water station. Its taps, foot pump, and sink make it a clever and versatile water station, allowing it to transform from a rain barrel to a hand washing station or even a compact outdoor kitchen.

    • 1 tap is included 
    • Extra freshwatertap is optional
    • 100% recyclable material
    • 80% made of recycled  consumer-used plastics*
  • Diameter 65.5cm

    Capacity 250L

    Height 95cm

    Weight 15kg

    For complete product specifications, download this PDF guide

    *The Raintap is unique because it is made by artisanal rotational moulding using recycled raw materials. Irregularities, streaks and possibly feelable raw material fragments are features that may appear.

  • Rainwater

    The Raintap rain barrel collects and saves water from the cloud. The design fits on any standard downspout. The sink and tap make it a functional water station for optimal (re)use of valuable rainwater. The collected rainwater can be pumped up by the footpump - or can be directly tapped from the small side tap. Let's start tapping from the clouds!

  • Tapwater

    The Raintap rain barrel can be upgraded with an extra freshwatervtap and fits to any standard outdoor water faucet. Transforming it from a rain barrel to a compact outdoor kitchen. Now you can choose between soft rainwater or fresh tapwater. Adapt your water choice to your needs!

  • Drainage

    The Raintap rain barrel enables reuse of (rain)water. By diverting rainwater from the roof to your garden instead of discharching it into the sewer. We also encourage you to redirect the overflow of your barrel to your garden. Recycled water is a valuable source of water- and important for sustainable water management. Rain, save, use and reuse!