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These wooden clogs are a redesign of the iconic Dutch heritage. With their elegant silhouette they are fit for modern life. The Poplars offer comfort and protection while gardening or exploring your surroundings. Thanks to the wooden material they are warm during winter and cool during summer.

  • Modern, elegant interpretation of the iconic wooden shoe.
  • 100% natural and recyclable shoe: made from untreated Dutch wood.
  • Sturdy and protective while exploring the outdoors or while gardening.
  • Comfortable all year round: warm in winter, cold during summer.
  • Wooden sole curves up at the toe for easier push off and comfort while walking.
  • Available in Natural and Limited Edition Light Pink

    Length (cm) 19.5
    Width (cm)
    Height (cm)
    Weight (kg) .4


    Carefully selected and imported from the Dutch brand Weltevree - collaborators of innovative designs from established and emerging talents.