Goodnight Light

Based in Barcelona, Goodnight Light is a design studio specialising in hand crafted vinyl lamps perfect for a variety of interior settings. Launched by Lorena Canals and Eva Newton in 2014, the brand seamlessly integrates form and function to infuse the space with playful and iconic lighting. Inspired by nature, the discerning designs are both vibrant and nostalgic and they also include long-life and low energy LED technology to create the lamp's ambient glow.

Design Philosophy

Goodnight Light® are a low emission, energy efficient brand. They have nurtured a dependable close-knit team of human beings committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship through design innovation and creativity. With open minds and compassion for environmentalism, they adhere to the responsible use of materials.

Goodnight Light® manufacture limited quantities in low emission, energy efficient and socially responsible factories. They consistently source the finest, most reliable raw materials that contribute to a long lasting product and pleasurable consumer experience.

Ready to Gift Packaging

‘Ready to gift’ our eye catching, high quality gift boxes not only make a great first impression but also securely protect their contents and enhance the anticipation of the ‘un-boxing’.

Wherever possible Goodnight Light® use recycled cardboard and responsibly use the minimum amount of plastic wrapping.

You can depend on Goodnight Light® for their passionate commitment to positive and innovative design. Consistently motivated by a good humoured persevering spirit of adventure.

If it ain’t fun, why do it?

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