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Framehouse - Platform

Framehouse - Platform

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The Framehouse platform is made of the same wood as the Framehouse base: Dutch Douglas fir wood. It’s made up from smooth decking without grooves, since these grooves can hold water and trap dirt, presenting the risk of mould and demanding more maintenance. On top of that, wood is a naturally fibrous material that isn’t slippy underfoot, even when wet. The smooth decking is easier to clean and is less likely to become slippery.

The Framehouse is available as 4 arcs (3.5 m long).

This construction is the base of any Framehouse. Optional features are one or multiple wooden platforms to use as a floor or terrace and transparent roof panels made of transparent polycarbonate.

Depending on how you will use the platform, you’ll receive different connection parts. Please use the order notes at checkout to let us know how you would like to use the platform, for example: platform as floor, platform as terrace or 2 platforms: 1 as floor and 1 as terrace.

Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek

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Carefully selected and imported from the Dutch brand Weltevree - collaborators of innovative designs from established and emerging talents.

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