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Dutchtub Loveseat | Chimney

Dutchtub Loveseat | Chimney

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The Dutchtub Loveseat Chimney hasn't reached our shores yet, but it's en route. Use the "Notify Me" button to be the first to know when it's here and available for purchase.

The chimney guides the smoke to the top and causes a stronger draught effect, improving the heat distribution. Therefore, your fire will burn more efficiently and you will use less wood.

  • Protects the fire in the spiral from wind
  • Speeds up the heating process of the Dutchtub
  • The chimney guides the smoke away from the Dutchtub
  • The chimney ensures you burn your wood more efficiently
Length (cm) 125
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg) 15


Carefully selected and imported from the Dutch brand Weltevree - collaborators of innovative designs from established and emerging talents.

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